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Oradea City Running Day Rules – 7th Edition, September 17, 2017



The international “DIGI Oradea City Running Day” half marathon is organized by Xterra Sport Bihor Sports Club in partnership with the County Directorate for Youth and Sport Bihor, the Local Government of Oradea, the Bihor County Council and Edelweiss Constructions.


The race events of the DIGI Oradea Internation Half Marathon are open to all sports enthusiast who agree with the race rules defined and imposed by the organizers.


Race events and time of start: 21,097km 10,5km 4x5,2km 5km 1km
Time of start: 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 13:00


The START-FINISHarea is the center of Oradea, Ferdinand Square, near the Oradea National Theater and the Butoiul de Aur Restaurant (Race Center) and is closed from traffic for the time of the race.



Course for the half marathon, half marathon relay, quarter marathon  race and Europlast Cross (5 km)

START - Ferdinand Square - Central Bridge – Călărașilor Street - Principatelor Unite Street – under the Decebal Bridge – Splaiul Crișanei Street – Sovata Bridge – right side of the Crisului Repede promenade – under the Decebal Bridge – on the pavement towards Emilian Mircea Chitul Street – Malului Street - Ady Endre Street – Patrioților Street – in front of the National Theater - Iosif Vulcan Street (on a single lance) and back on the other lane of Iosif Vulcan Street - Ferdinand Square - FINISH



Technical description of the course:

A lap of the course is 5.27 km long and is completely covered with asphalt and is marked accordingly.

The course will have to be completed four times for the half marathon, twice for each team-member for the half marathon relay for teams of 2 and once for each team-member for the half marathon relay for teams of 4, twice for participants of the quarter marathon race and once for the Europlast Cross (5 km).



Options for registration:  online on the official website of the event -


Options for payments: by filling in the Registration Form and selecting ONLINE at the “Payment method”

                                        (no transfer fees are deducted from your account)



Bank transfer: to the account of the XTERRA Sport BihorSports Club:

                          IBAN: RO57 INGB 0000 9999 0291 3862

                          ING BANK (at the comments section please mention “OCRD 2017 registration”)



In cash: at the Race Center (Ferdinand Square, terrace of Butoiul de Aur Restaurant) on the day preceding the race September 17 between 14:00-20:00

Attention!  Registration becomes valid once the fee has been paid.

Entry fee: 21,097km 10,5km 4x5,2km 5km 1km
March 1- April 1 14 Euros 12 Euros 48 Euros 6 Euros Free
April 2-May 15 16 Euros 14 Euros 56 Euros 6 Euros Free
May 16- August 1 18 Euros 16 Euros 64 Euros 6 Euros Free
August 2-September 6 20 Euros 18 Euros 72 Euros 6 Euros Free
September 16-17 25 Euros 25 Euros 100 Euros 6 Euros Free


The entry fee can be paid in RON at the exchange rate of the Romanian National Bank valid on the day of payment.


Attention! The entry fees cannot be reimbursed!



The entry fee for the half marathon, half marathon relay and quarter marathon contains:
Official T-shirt of the race, race number with electronic chip, online diploma, medal for finishers, online photo gallery,  access to refreshment points, storage bag, wardrobe, medical assistance.



The entry fee for the Europlast Cross (5 km) contains:

Official T-shirt of the race, race number, medal for finishers, access to refreshment points, medical assistance



Terms for participating in the individual half marathon, half marathon relay, quarter marathon and 5 km Europlast Cross

Participants must be older than 16 years of age. Younger participants may only take part in the race with written approval of a parent. At the relay, quarter marathon and 5 km race events the age limit is 12 years.

Runners must provide some evidence for the payment of the entry fee.

Runners must provide some personal ID document when collecting  the race package.

The runner must sign a waiver of liability according to which the runner takes part in the race on his/her own account, the organisers being free from any responsibility in case of accidents or other prejudices suffered by the runner as a consequence of participating at the race.




At the individual half marathon, half marathon relay for teams of 2 and teams of 4 events and individual 10.5 km race distances timekeeping will be achieved via electronic chips that shall be glued to the backside of the race number.

The electronic chip will be handed over with the start package at the Race Centre area, on the terrace of “Butoiul de Aur” Restaurant (Ferdinand Square)on Saturday, September 19 2015 between 14:00-20:00 and on the day of the race between 7.30 and 8.30 AM.

The team members of the team relay (teams of 2 and 4) will hand over the race number to the next person in the respective team.

These race numbers will be fastened via rubber bands to facilitate a quick and easy relay process.



Rankings - Results

The official rankings will be available on the website of the event,, classified according to age categories and absolute category for the races timed using electronic timing devices.




The first five participants of the individual half marathon and 10.5 km race will be awarded prizes (for men and women separately)

At the 4x5.2 km relay races the first three teams will be awarded.



Refreshment points

There will be two refreshment points on the course.

Refreshment point 1 will be located on Principatelor Unite Street at about 1.5 km after the START line; here runners will find non-carbonated water, isotonic drinks and juice.

Refreshment point 2will be located on Emilian Mircea Chitul Street at about 3.8 km after the START line; here runners will find non-carbonated water, fruits, chocolate, salty biscuits.



First aid

The first aid station (ambulance with a medic) will be placed in the Race Center area.

On the course volunteers from the Red Cross will provide assistance in case of need.




Toilets will be accessible in the Race Center area and near the course.



Baggage check-in service

Each participant will receive in the start package a bag for clothes and a baggage tag number (identical to race number) which must be secured on the bag upon depositing the bag at the baggage check-in service. The bag can be left at the baggage check-in service and then can be retrieved by showing the race number.

Attention! The organizers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damaged items  left in the bags.



Vehicles on the course

It is forbidden for vehicles to enter the race course. Those who do not obey the rules shall be penalized according to the provisions of the respective laws.



General information:

The participant declares that he/she understands and accepts the terms and conditions of the international DIGI Oradea City Running Day half marathon and the race rules.

The participant accepts that his/her image and other public data, such as results obtained, position within rankings, can be used for promotional purposes, such as in photos, posters, movies, interviews, etc free of charge and in an uncensored manner.

The organizers recommend that participants take out an accident insurance that is valid for sporting events.

In case of non-attendance at the race start or withdrawal for any reason the entry fee shall not be reimbursed.

In case the event is cancelled due to force majeure or other reasons that are beyond the control of the organizers, the entry fee shall not be reimbursed. The organizer shall in no way cover any expenses of the participants related to the race (transport, accommodation, meals etc.).

The race number must be placed on the front of the T-shirt and must be visible throughout the race. In case of withdrawal the number must be handed over to the checkpoint where the participant announces his/her withdrawal from the race.

Withdrawal from race for any other reason than accident can be made only at the checkpoints and at the start/finish area. The participant, who does not wish or is unable to continue the race, must visit the nearest checkpoint or the start/finish area to hand over the race number and announce his/her withdrawal.

The organizers reserve the right to modify the course or cancel/stop the competition if this cannot be completed in conditions of safety.


COPYRIGHT. By registering for the event participants automatically authorise the organisers, including the partners of the event to use and reproduce any material that contains images of the participants.